njfps evaluators



The primary purpose of Future Problem Solving (FPS) evaluation is to provide coaches and students with feedback that allows them to develop and improve their problem solving skills. 

How it Works

GIPS, CmPS, Scenario Writing and Scenario Performance are performance based. Because there is no single "right" answer, FPS employs a variety of strategies to review student work. Specific criteria evaluate performance in each step. Skill improvement remains the most important aspect of evaluation, however, FPS also involves competition. A secondary purpose of evaluation is to provide a fair and reliable method for comparing teams in a Future Problem Solving competition.

Who Can Evaluate

Our evaluators are adults, college students, alumni and high school FPSers (highly trained participants who evaluate lower division packets). We provide continued training to our evaluators to ensure that they remain familiar with the FPS evaluation process. This dedication is critical to the continuing success of the program. NJFPS evaluators are paving the way for utilization of state-of-the-art methods to evaluate and delivery of quality feedback.

If you wish to become an evaluator please apply below.