njfps topics


Problem #1 - Youth in Competitive Sports

Problem #2 - Wearable Technology

Qualifying Problem - Human Environmental Impact

Affiliate Bowl - Personalized Medicine

International Conference - To Be Announced March 1, 2021


Problem #1 - International Travel

Problem #2 - Sleep Patterns

Qualifying Problem - Gamification

Affiliate Bowl - Living in Poverty

International Conference - Terraforming


Problem #1 - Mission to Moon, Mars and Beyond

Problem #2 - Drones

Qualifying Problem - Food Loss and Waste

Affiliate Bowl - Coping with Stress

International Conference - To Be Announced March 1, 2019


Problem #1- Spread of Infectious Disease

Problem #2- Toxic Materials

Qualifying Problem- Disorders

Affiliate Bowl-Cloud Storage

International Conference- Criminal Justice Systems


Problem #1- Educational Disparities

Problem #2- It's All in the Genes

Qualifying Problem- 3D Printing

Affiliate Bowl- Identity Theft

International Conference- Biosecurity


Problem #1- Treatment of Animals

Problem #2- Disappearing Languages

Qualifying Problem- Recovering from Natural Disaster

Affiliate Bowl- The Global Workplace

International Conference- Energy of the Future


Problem #1- The Impact of Social Media

Problem #2- Processed Foods

Qualifying Problem- Propaganda

Affiliate Bowl- Enhancing Human Potential

International Conference- Intellectual Property


Problem #1- Social Isolation

Problem #2- Desertification

Qualifying Problem- Surveillance Society

Affiliate Bowl- Land Transportation

International Conference- Space


Problem #1- Culture of Celebrity

Problem #2- Robotic Age

Qualifying Problem- Megacities

Affiliate Bowl- Ocean Soup

International Conference- Global Status of Women


Problem #1- All in a Day's Work

Problem #2- Coral Reefs

Qualifying Problem- Human Rights

Affiliate Bowl- Trade Barriers

International Conference- Pharmaceuticals


Problem #1- Healthy Living

Problem #2- Air Transport

Qualifying Problem- Genetic Testing

Affiliate Bowl- Water Quality

International Conference- Emergency Planning


Problem #1- Sensory Overload

Problem #2- Invasive Species

Qualifying Problem- Orphaned Children

Affiliate Bowl- Food Distribution

International Conference- Green Living


Problem #1- Olympic Games

Problem #2- Cyber Conflict

Qualifying Problem- Space Junk

Affiliate Bowl- Counterfeit Economy

International Conference- Pandemic


Problem #1- Body Enhancement

Problem #2- Simulation Technology

Qualifying Problem- Neurotechnology

Affiliate Bowl- Debt in Developing Countries

International Conference- Child Labor


Problem #1- Fundraising/Charity Giving

Problem #2- Protection of National Treasures

Qualifying Problem- Cultural Prejudice

Affiliate Bowl- Caring for Our Elders

International Conference- Privacy


Problem #1- Climate Change/Climate Threat

Problem #2- Freedom of Speech

Qualifying Problem- Nutrition

Affiliate Bowl- Healthcare Access

International Conference- Redistribution of Wealth


Problem #1- Entertainment

Problem #2- Terrorism/Security

Qualifying Problem- Agriculture of the 21st Century

Affiliate Bowl- Depletion of Oceanic Species

International Conference- Business Crime


Problem #1- Smart Clothes

Problem #2- Rage and Bullying

Qualifying Problem- Artificial Intelligence

Affiliate Bowl- Media Impact

International Conference- Immigration


Problem #1- Sports Medicine

Problem #2- E-Commerce

Qualifying Problem- Nanotechnology

Affiliate Bowl- DNA Identification

International Conference- Worldwide Communication


Problem #1- Alternative Energy

Problem #2- Educational Options

Qualifying Problem- Organ Donations

Affiliate Bowl- Environmental Law

International Conference- Virtual Corporations


Problem #1- Tourism 

Problem #2- World Population 

Qualifying Problem- Water 

Affiliate Bowl- Habitats 

International Conference- Global Interdependence 


Problem #1- Fads

Problem #2- Amateur Sports

Qualifying Problem- The Internet

Affiliate Bowl- Financial Security

International Conference- Genetic Engineering