New Jersey Future Problem Solvers

Coaches Seminar

Improve your skills and knowledge of the best practices in order to better compete in the FPS competition as well as learn new techniques of problem solving to bring back to students.

The training session provided by our program will reveal the best techniques for problem solving. Expert evaluators will explain the process of grading solution packets and methods of maximizing point acquisition. Bring the knowledge you gain back to your students. Parents and students are also encouraged to attend training sessions.

Training sessions utilize coaching materials and the coaches manual which are sold separately by Future Problem Solving Program International. These can be found at the FPSPI Mart at

Attendees of the seminar will receive the resources as part of the registration fee of the seminar.

The registration form for the coaches training for both Global Issues Problem Solving and Community Problem SolvingĀ  are available from the downloads link and should be completed and sent to the address on the form or e-mailed to